Hi, I am Sophie Johnston.

Based in Massachusetts, I'm an equine photographer with a knack for capturing the heart of the equestrian world. My photography journey kicked off at Andrew Ryback Photography, where I spent summers from 2017 to 2020 immersed in the vibrant equestrian scene, covering events such as Fieldstone Showpark, Vermont Summer Festival, and Fairfield Hunt Club.

In addition to my equine expertise, I've ventured into the world of wedding photography as a professional photographer for B. Remembered Weddings from 2021 to 2023. I've honed my craft, capturing high-quality, artistic images of weddings and related events. Building positive relationships with clients, vendors, and industry professionals is second nature to me, as is actively seeking new business opportunities.

Whether I'm capturing the power and grace of horses in the ring or on the ground, I'm committed to creating exceptional images that tell meaningful stories. So, if you're looking to preserve your equine story or update your feed, let's connect and create something remarkable together.



“I've never used a professional photographer before but I wanted engagement photos that weren't all selfies with my fiance. Sophie was outstanding. She listened to what we wanted and was open to some "out there" ideas from my fiance. She even took some solo shots of my doggie for me!”